Admissions and Cessations to the Fund

East Sussex Pension Fund welcomes applications from new employers wishing to join the pension fund.

New Admitted Bodies

If a body does not qualify as a scheduled or resolution body then the body must meet the definition of an ‘admission body’ and must enter into an admission agreement with the Fund. The criteria for gaining admitted body status is defined in Part 3, paragraph 1 of Schedule 2 of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013.


The key features of participation of an admission body are summarised below:

  • Method of Participation– Admission Agreement, subject to approval of East Sussex Pension Fund;
  • Indemnity Requirements– Guarantor, bond or indemnity;
  • Ongoing Participation– Participation continues unless organisation elects to terminate admission agreement, last active member leaves or contract expires;
  • Entry to LGPS– Employer discretion on who can become a member and if they require an open/closed/nominated/ pass through arrangement.

Admissions and Cessations - contact us

If you believe that your organisation meets any of the admission body definitions then please contact the Employer Engagement team.- [email protected]