Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) - cost of living adjustment 2024

Your pension is adjusted in line with the cost of living every year throughout your retirement. The adjustment to your income uses the rate of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for the previous September. From April 2024, payments (for eligible pensioners) will increase by 6.7%. This reflects the change in the CPI for the 12 months to September 2023.

You will receive official notification of how this affects your pension income with your April 2024 payslip and P60. This will be available towards the end of April next year.

Please note that the increase applied to your LGPS will be different from any State Pension increase, which could be higher. This is subject to the Government confirming that the triple lock will be applied, which is expected to be announced in the Autumn Statement.

Pensioner survey 2023 - the results

This paper details the results of the 2023 survey issued to pensioners of the East Sussex Pension Fund. The annual survey offers members the opportunity to provide direct feedback on whether the Fund is providing you with the right level of support. We use the results to analyse where we are getting things right and where we can improve.

Pensioner survey 2023 - the results
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East Sussex Pension Fund pensioner newsletter

We are pleased to provide our latest newsletter to help keep you up to date with your Local Government Pension Scheme

Newsletter (pensioners) - May 2022

Your pension is safe

Your pension scheme was created by statute and is backed by Government. This means that your pension is well protected and guaranteed.

The ups and downs in investment markets do not affect our ability to pay pensions. So you can rest assured that your pension is secure.

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