Who runs the pension fund

Pension Committee

In accordance with the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations, associated legislation and the Pensions Committee terms of reference, the Pension Committee is responsible for all functions and responsibilities relating to the management of the East Sussex Pension Fund, this includes making arrangements for the investment, administration and management of the Pension Fund, receiving advice as appropriate from the Pension Board. The Pension Committee also agrees Policy Statements, as required under the LGPS regulations, and decides on the admission and cessation of bodies to the Pension Fund.

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Pension Board

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 requires the establishment of a Pension Board with the responsibility for “assisting the Scheme Manager” in securing compliance with all relevant pensions law, regulations and directions.

The Pension Board’s role is one of providing assurance in and governance of the scheme administration and helping to ensure that the East Sussex Pension Fund complies with the code of practice issued by the Pension Regulator.

Browse meetings and agendas, and view contact details for the members of the Pensions Board

ACCESS - A Collaboration of Central, Eastern & Southern Shires

ACCESS was formed in compliance with the Government’s LGPS investment reform criteria. The East Sussex Pension Fund (ESPF) is a leading participant within the ACCESS pool, with 10 other administering authorities underpinning the establishment of the pool.

ACCESS’s collaboration was based on pooling investments via a Collective Investment Vehicle (CIV) that would be administered and maintained by a third party Operator. The eleven participating authorities have a clear set of objectives and principles that will drive the decision-making and allow participating authorities to continue to help shape the design of the Pool. 


• Enable participating authorities to execute their fiduciary responsibilities to Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) stakeholders, including scheme members and employers, as economically as possible.
• Provide a range of asset types necessary to enable those participating authorities to execute their locally decided investment strategies as far as possible.
• Enable participating authorities to achieve the benefits of pooling investments, preserve the best aspects of what is currently done locally, and create the desired level of local decision-making and control.


Additional information about ACCESS/Joint Committee, agenda, notes from previous meetings are available on the Kent County Council website


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